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Dear Girl Next to Me in the Library, 

You are an angel. Thank you for watching my stuff for me while I went to the bathroom, because I was seriously about to piss myself. Also thanks for being a decent human being and not stealing any of my shit. You da bomb.



(Seriously though, she restored a little bit of my faith in humanity today.)

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I have to go pee so bad

but I’m alone in the library

and don’t wanna leave all my stuff


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Ok the last one snapped what’s left of my heart into 2

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too lazy to put my laundry away

but I spilled it all on my bed


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the moment I fell in love with Rose Tyler

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Rose Tyler Appreciation Week

Day 3: Favorite relationship: DoctorxRose

For me, the Doctor and rose’s relationship surpasses any other romantic relationship in literature/fiction/etc. Their tragic separation and bittersweet ending will remain seared into my heart for the rest of my life.

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fuck though, how lucky was rose tyler?? that’s all i kept thinking during this episode. how lucky was rose tyler.

a) to have a competent writer

b) to not get shouted at by some random ~friend of the doctor’s who apparently knows him so well, just because she isn’t dealing with regeneration so well at first

c) to have a doctor who didn’t suddenly change his entire attitude towards her once he’d changed

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doctor and rose + sexual frustration (requested by anonymous)