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Dude, Peter Capaldi totally refused to flirt with Clara in the new series.

Damn, I’m so ready for this.

In that same article he states that he’s going to make the story line less confusing and over the top and focus on the plot. I think I’m in love. 

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Sure you can manage that broom, Potter?

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destroy the idea that lily is constantly scolding james

destroy the idea that lily is hermione from the 70s

destroy the idea that lily is the polar opposite of james

destroy the idea that lily is “too strong” to cry

destroy the idea that lily is prone to physical or verbal abuse

destroy fanon lily potter 2k14

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where does your first follower even come from

the friend that dragged you here in the first place

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So now they’re gonna keep her in the hospital, which is probably what they should have done in the FIRST place after putting five stints in her heart instead of letting her go home after surgery.
She might not even have been in any serious condition rn if they had just kept her in for observation after the procedure.

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This sitting around and waiting for news thing is killing me. No news since she was admitted to the ER last night. All of us are just sitting around making small talk waiting for any phone to ring.